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Will a MacBook boot with no battery on a 30w charger?


Iv got a board here that I have been working on and it seems to be stuck at 20v

I have done some testing and I can’t find anything wrong with it but that doesn’t really explain why it’s stuck at 20v(I bought it as iCloud locked but it’s not fully turning on,seller said it worked but icl was only issue)

But then I thought is there anything wrong at all?,I have the board out the case with nothing but one of the usb ports attached and I was thinking is a 30w charger enough for it to fully boot

I tried a 10w charger and I wouldn’t go to 20v but on the 30w it goes to 20v then the amps go to 0.18A then back don’t to 0.00A

So I was thinking :is a 30w charger enough?

Any help is greatly appreciated


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@hellomacos, I don’t have a 2019 13” I can test, but I do have a 2018 15” that’s currently running without a battery (waiting on the replacement to arrive). It ramps the CPU down because of the missing battery, but it boots and operates just fine on stock charger.

30W is very, very low, considering that the 2019 13” came with a 61W charger in the box. 30 watts, gives the option of 1.5A at 20V, before tapping out. 1.5A isn’t enough to properly boot even an iPhone of later years.

If you could get your hands on a 60W charger, I’d say go for it, as 60W gives at least 3A at 20V

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I was thinking that the 30w wouldn’t be enough

I dont usually work on these newer USB-C Macs ,I have one of those 90w MagSafe chargers so il need to pick up a better MacBook one:-)

Thanks for the info:-)


@hellomacos Yeah, I only have one USB-C charger myself, the one for the 2018 15” with touch bar. All my other Macs use 1st, 2nd and 3rd gen MagSafes. Thank the PTB that Apple went back to MagSafe!!!



MagSafe…glorious MagSafe!


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