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Smaller brother of 300 in 6cy coupe.

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While car in d, car doesn't move, and rpm raise

When I put gear in drive, the car doesn't move and the rpm meter goes up

Update (01/29/2023)

While in reverse, it work but d-1 and 2, no. Rpm meter raises when I accelerate. Year of car is 2014 chryselor 200.

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@cudang how about R and 1 and 2? What year is yours?


Reverse work, but d1 and 2 doesn’t. And the year is 2014 chryselor 200


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Chrysler is somewhat prone to bad transmissions, and this is usually one of the symptoms of a bad tranny with them. However, this is NOT cheap so you do want to do a proper diagnosis.

What I would look at first is the range sensor and see if there's an issue with one of the solenoids first, but this usually requires a high end scan tool like an Autel used by a mechanic unless you can find one for $150-200 (maybe $250) with manufacturer specific diagnostic testing. Try something like this: INNOVA-CarScan-Pro-5210, othwerwise you will need a scan tool like this: FOXWELL NT624

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