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Ice maker inlet funnel frozen (model: WRX735SDBM00)

The ice maker inlet funnel is frozen. So when it goes to fill water, the water is blocked and drops all over the place (I can see this happen). It defrosted enough that I'm able to get the tray out and I cleaned up all the ice.

I have actually replaced the whole ice maker unit before (and the water fill valve although the valve wasn't the problem). Now the unit is frozen in place. I can't get it out to inspect.

I know the auger and the ice cube clearing thing works.

  1. How do I get the thing out?
  2. How do I prevent this from happening again?

Any help would be appreciated!

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I have had similar issues with GE freezer as well as with the water dispenser freezing up.

Please try this, to clear either blockage type:

To clear blockage:

  1. Attach a length of firm tubing to a syringe, I used the tube from the inside of a used window cleaner spray bottle
  2. Fill syringe with boiling hot water from a kettle
  3. Insert tube into ice maker water inlet until you feel it makes contact with the ice blockage
  4. Slowly squirt hot water back up the ice maker water inlet
  5. Repeat step 2 - 4 until ice blockage melted

Block Image

Block Image

To (try to) prevent:

  1. After clearing, use a small pipe cleaner to clean any residue that might trap water
  2. Use small amount of organic soap to wash out
  3. Use syringe from cleaning to rinse
  4. Fingers crossed🤞

I think this is a bit of a design issue, mine still blocks up occasionally, but with syringe-tek easy fix. I keep syringe in cupboard above fridge for when it happens again, good luck 👍

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I was able to reach mine without using a tube. Worked great. I could hear the ice cracking as it melted. It was a good cue to know when it was all cleared.

Thanks Chris!


You're welcome, good to know it worked with your model of fridge.

Have a great day!


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It must be frozen in place also ,so I guess that needs to also thaw out also you said you hv removed it before so

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I left out some important context. I'm looking for a way to thaw it without turning off the fridge ideally. I have a newborn baby and milk is stored in the only fridge.

On this forum I saw some people say don't use a hair dryer.


Do you hv a cooler and a bag of ice or a very nice neighbor that will store the milk for a while


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