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Touch bar non functional after tear down

I tore down my Macbook Pro to look for water damage, when putting it back together and powering on the touch bar no longer works or turns on. Any advice?

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This is going to sound silly, but have you logged into your Mac to verify this? If your Mac has FileVault enabled, the Touch Bar will not come on until you have unlocked the disk (by logging in).

It may also be that it was damaged by the spill depending on where water went. Liquid damage to the Touch Bar can be difficult to detect without some serious surgery.

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I did log in and I also didn’t find any water damage


@schrammalama0 Not finding any liquid on the interior, doesn’t necessarily mean it didn’t damage the touchbar.

That aside. If you’re not getting any image on the touchbar, I would make sure the cable for Touch Bar display is seated properly. It’s the one along the curve of the fan (on the right side if you’re looking at the laptop with the bottom removed) that wraps around the board.

It can be a bit fussy to get it connected properly. And because of some tight clearances, it’s not unusual to accidentally tear the cable trying to plug it back in again.


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