Need help with double-clicking issue with a Cougar Minos X3 Mouse

Hello all, as the title states I've been dealing with double-clicking problems on my Cougar Minos X3 mouse; the left click button is the one with the problem, so I'm going to work on replacing it, but I need help with figuring out how to open it up first. I'm guessing I'll need that flat spudger tool in order to pry it open, but I'm not really sure and I couldn't find any guides or repair manuals that could help with trying to fix it let alone open it; the only results were review videos and similar.

To any one who've worked on fixing mice before could give me some advice I'd really appreciate it, as I really would like to fix it since the left mouse button is the only thing giving me problems, and would rather not throw it away. I'm going to upload a few pictures of the mouse too. Thanks in advance, and I'm sorry for placing the question here, but I couldn't put it in the PC hardware section cause no options for Cougar.

Block Image

Block Image

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