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Computer shuts down when wall power is plugged in?

If the wall power is plugged in the computer will not boot up at all. You can hear the slight sound of the fans running and the indicator light is on, but know one is home. If the battery has a full charge and unplugged from the wall it will not boot up(has the same symptoms and the wall adapter).

When I let the battery run down to approx. 50% power it will boot up and all is good, but if I plug in the the power adapter it shuts down like I pushed down and help the power button on the upper rt hand corner of the computer.

This all started one morning out of the blue.

Thanks for any input you may have.

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I have the same issue as OP, none of the proposed solutions helped, I run a pc/laptop/tablet/phone repair shop. Here's some craziness, if you attach the mag-safe adapter backwards (well, with the cord facing you) the issue disappears (for me at least).


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First test the wall outlet. Try it on a different wall outlet on a different circuit (like the kitchen). Next reset the SMC:

Tel us know your results

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I know the power adapter works. I did test on other outlets. I reset the SMC and still the same issue, no change.


Look at both the Magsafe pins to see if they are fully extending and examine the magsafe port for something that may be shorting it out. Did you check the output of the Magsafe adapter with a multimeter or on another Mac?


I believe its something to do with the way the mac regulates power. I have used a different adapter with the same results.

The battery will charge to full capacity. With the adapter unplugged and battery at full charge, it does the same thing as if I plugged in the adapter.

the computer will run at 50% battery power with no problems, until you plug it in.


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