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Lanciato il 21 settembre 2018. Modelli A2097, A2098. Disponibile come GSM o CDMA / eSIM o nanoSIM / 64, 256 o 512 GB /Argento, Oro o Grigio Siderale. (Si legge "iPhone 10 S").

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Any idea why FaceID might not be working on the new screen?

I have a global/EU iPhone XS (A2097) and this is my second iFixit screen replacement. Unlike in the guide, the earpiece and sensor assembly remain connected to the logic board and are not connected to the screen at all. Last year, I purchased a replacement screen from iFixit, replaced, and everything worked fine. Because the earpiece and sensor assembly were not attached to the screen, I simply disconnected the two connectors from the old screen, connected the two connectors for the new screen and... voila! Now, however, with the new replacement screen, FaceID isn't working. However, when I reconnect the old replacement screen, FaceID works.

I've attached a link showing the inside of the iPhone in between both replacement screens. I've also highlighted the earpiece and sensor assembly which you can see is still connected to the logic board despite the screen being completely disconnected.

Any idea why FaceID might not be working on the new screen?

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TLDR: my zombie twin started the repair, screwed it up (ha, ha...pentalobe pun there) and posted on iFixit. Once I discovered this, I removed his head with several well-placed spudger strikes and fixed the problem.

Thanks to all of you and my apologies for keeping this posted AFTER I had actually figured out the problem. Yes, you are both correct in that I inexplicably left the pentalobe screws in. Despite having repaired countless iPads and iPhones...yeah...I really can't begin to explain how I neglected to remove them, missed the problem, took pictures, did an extensive write-up, and then posted on iFixit.

In fact, I didn't realize the problem until my wife looked at the screens and remarked that they didn't appear to be the same size (hello, frame). Unfortunately, she didn't do this until after I had already posted here. {sigh}...

Again, as always with the iFixit community, thanks for your helpful replies.


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Updated as I now know what’s happened lol

Update (12/02/2022)

@eurofjr just noticed the frame has been ripped off your screen that you removed. On the bottom of the phone there are two pentalobe screws. I’m assuming you have removed them. You haven’t inserted the opening tool deep enough. If you insert it at the bottom between the plastic and alloy frame and then ease it up. Use a thin piece of plastic and slide it around the frame to separate the adhesive then lift it up to the left where the cables are. At the top of the frame your ambient light sensor and ear speaker are screwed onto it. That’s why you think they’re attached to the phone and not the screen. You’ve opened it incorrectly, that’s what causing the confusion. Hopefully this will help.

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@strongbow Ah, you've got it! He opened it without taking out the Pentalobe screws, meaning he ripped the frame off the display and left it and the earpiece speaker assembly inside the phone. Not the first time that's happened, although no one has yet 'fessed up to forgetting to remove the screws.


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Okay, I don't know where to start with this one.

First off, Jim, your earpiece speaker is not supposed to remain in the housing when you take off the screen. It's quite apparent that the little green mount for the front sensor array has come off of the screen and if you used any adhesive on the earpiece speaker on your previous repair, it has failed. Here's the part that's supposed to be mounted on the screen.

Block Image

You can see it comes with the new screen, correctly mounted on it.

Block Image

Here's where it's missing from your original replacement screen.

Block Image

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, you really need to take the earpiece speaker assembly out of the housing, remove the old green screen mount and replace the earpiece assembly onto the screen. I have no idea how you're getting the replacement screen mounted with that extra green mount in the way, but if that's what you're doing, then there's probably some mechanical interference going on that could be causing your Face ID issue. Since the display itself is not part of the Face ID system, it's hard to see how it can cause problems other than mechanical ones. With the phone the way it is, there's no way the sensors can sit in the correct position to be aligned so that Face ID will work.

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