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Repair and disassembly information for Google's Pixel 6 smartphone, released in October 2021. Identified by model number GB7N6 and G9S9B16.

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Pixel 6: Can't use fingerprint after screen replacement.

So I just replaced my Pixel 6's screen via the IFixIt repair kit (btw, this was way easier than expected, so that's a win). However, I can no longer use the fingerprint reader.

If I go to set it up I get an error message: "Can't use fingerprint sensor. Visit a repair provider or".

That website was seemingly irrelevant and definitely unhelpful :).

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Ok, so I fixed this. I had to go to this page: with my device in fastboot mode (turn it off, then hold down volume and turn it back on).

Installing the software from there and then manually re-starting my device fixed the problem.

However, for the above website to work, I had to use Edge (Chrome would also have worked as they're the same browser under the hood, but Firefox did not work) and I first had to get Google's USB driver from here: (unzip this somewhere).

To install the USB driver, put your device into fastboot mode and connect it to your PC. Then open up Device Manager (Win+X=> Device Manager). Right click on your Pixel 6 and click "update driver". Click "Browse my computer for drivers" and point it at wherever you put the driver. The driver should install and then you should be able to go to and install the software (don't forget to reboot your phone once it's done).

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Hi, I have tried this website on both chrome and firefox. I downloaded the USB driver previously from another website by installing it directly in the files but tried in device manager as well and it said 'the best drivers for your device are already installed'. The phone is definitely in fastboot - when I start it while holding the volume down it brings me to a menu and I press the power button to select start. It brings me into the phone, I plug it in (I have tried four different cables), it shows up in the dropdown menu when I select 'connect phone' on my computer but when I click connect, it gives the message 'Unable to connect the phone.'

I would greatly appreciate some advice on the matter as something clearly isn't right.


go to fastboot mode, then don't press start. leave it with the red triangle, then go to update driver in device manager, it will show the phone with a exclamation mark and will accept the new driver then, then when connecting it won't show "paired" but it will connect... I got past all that, but the software didn't fix my problem regardless.


worked great, got into fast boot, uploaded the driver in the device manager, ran the tool, and then just had to reboot the phone an additional time after the install. thank you


Thank you so much man, I usually don't leave comments, but I struggled with this problem for a long time and your instructions helped me fix my phone, thanks !!!!


Worked perfectly for my Pixel 7, saved me a lot of googling. Thanks very much for taking the time to post your solution!


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If anyone else has this problem and the above only partially works (for me it said fingerprint timed out), try restarting in safe mode. Hold power button and up/get to the "power screen" and then hold the power button instead of tapping. Then go to settings and re-register the prints. Worked just fine after that.

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Worked as a breeze, thanks man!


This one still didn't work for me. Does anyone else have a suggestion?


it didnt worked for me


@robbzinn Remove the reader from the old screen and fit to the new screen. Surprised nobody else has done it. Easy job and works straight away.


@strongbow I would but it's dead even with the old screen...


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yea! it worked! so simple!

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Same as above, but a little more detailed.

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