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Repair guides and documentation for the Google Pixel 6a with 5G smartphone. Released in July 2022.

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Pixel 6a battery stopped holding charge after I changed the screen

I replaced the screen on my Pixel 6a. It had fallen and the screen both cracked and the display got glitchy (started out livable but eventually turned into mostly black).

After I replaced the screen it seemed to work fine for the first day or two. Then it stopped being able to charge. I have tried different chargers and confirmed with other phones that the chargers are fine. It will acknowledge that it's been plugged in, but just sit at 0%. Occasionally it thinks it took some charge, but then quickly shuts off while booting up.

I'm guessing the battery was either damaged in the original fall, or I managed to overheat it while disassembling. I used the ifixit head pad as instructed but did need to leave it on for much longer than the teardown article said.

Is there anything obvious I've missed? Is trying to replace the battery (or abandoning the phone) all that's left to try or is there something else?

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Hi Micah,

Okay, I'm going to start out by making an assumption; please tell me if I'm wrong. If you simply followed the iFixit screen replacement guide for your phone, then you wouldn't have had any need to mess with either the battery connection or the battery itself, right?

That being said, it would appear there is more internal damage than just the screen in this case. Specifically, the evidence so far points to either the battery or the charging port, given the failure to charge.

Unfortunately, Google made the decision to change from the charging port being on a separate circuit board connected via flex cable, to mounting the USB-C connector directly to the logic board, making charging port replacement an order of magnitude more difficult. On previous models you could simply order the charging port assembly and replace it in whole, while on yours you're looking at a soldering job to get the old one off and replace it with a new one - assuming you can even find the correct part (I couldn't). Visually, it appears to be identical to the port used on 5, 5a and 6, but I have no definitive information to say whether it will work or not. Here's a 5/5a/6 port for sale on AliExpress.

Original For Google Pixel 6 Pro 6pro 5 5a Usb Charger Dock Charging Port Replacement Repair Parts - Mobile Phone Flex Cables - AliExpress

Block Image

Vs. the port as it appears on the motherboard replacement guide.

Block Image

So at this point, if it was my phone, I'd probably be looking seriously at replacing the battery. The battery shouldn't be prohibitively expensive and the repair is fairly straight-forward. Plus, of course, if it's not the battery, then the difficulty of repairing a charging issue goes up exponentially - if it's not the battery or the charging port itself, then you're looking at board-level microsoldering repairs that can get very expensive; sometimes to the point where it's cheaper to just buy a new phone.

You can buy the battery right here on iFixit; I'd recommend the Fix Kit version; for an extra $7 USD you get all the tools needed to do the job right, plus all the adhesives needed to put the phone back together correctly.

Google Pixel 6a Battery - Genuine

And, of course, the guide to do the job is handy to have.

Google Pixel 6a Battery Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

Let us know how it goes, and best of luck with your repair!

Immagine Google Pixel 6a Battery - Genuine


Google Pixel 6a Battery - Genuine


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I followed the guide, so I removed the screen and unplugged the display cable, but didn't further disassemble. None of that should have affected the battery/port.

Replacing the battery appears to be more involved since I have to do all the screen things again and also remove a lot more parts in the middle.

Is there anything I need outside of the battery kit? I already have the tool kit from buying the screen, but if I get just the battery I also need to get the adhesive for the screen and battery plus thermal paste. The kit is only an extra $7 and the adhesives are 4 each, so it looks like I may as well get the kit if I do this.

Is there any way to tell if the battery is the problem other than just replacing it and hoping for the best? If something else is wrong with this thing I'd rather stop wasting money on it and move on.


@micahha Yeah, I figured you hadn't needed to touch anything else, but obviously something else is wrong.

Does the phone power up when it's on a charger? If so, there are battery apps that can tell you a lot about the state of the battery, but if you can't get it to run then we're down to trial and error in attempting to figure out what's wrong with it.

The battery is the simplest repair to start with, and without being able to turn on the phone it's about all you can do at this point.

But yeah, if you've already got the screen kit then you have all the tools needed, but as you point out, getting the adhesives is actually cheaper with the Fix Kit than it is buying them separately.


Currently the phone does not boot at all. It shows the battery icon when I plug it in (gray battery with a electric bolt in the middle over a blank screen) and occasionally a percentage. Currently it says 73%, but it takes a lot of tries to get the thing to boot in any way. When it does, I see the Google logo, and very briefly the home screen. Then it says it's shutting down and immediately goes dark. That's if it's plugged in. If I unplug it, it just shows the low battery icon (battery with a little bit of red at the bottom).


@micahha Ouch, that sucks. Everything you say convinces me more that replacing the battery is the reasonable next step; if that doesn't work you may well be looking at either expensive or difficult repairs, or else just bagging it.


Just to give some closure to this thread. I did end up buying a battery replacement and installing it shortly after this discussion. So far it seems to have solved the issue.


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