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Xbox One S, progettata da Microsoft Corporation, è stata rilasciata ad agosto 2016. Xbox One S è una riprogettazione di Xbox One.

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Why is it powering on then off

So I was playing my game and I had my Xbox on top of the mantel which it had fell, after picking it up and pluging it in it would turn on then 4 seconds later it would shut off. I had opened the console for the first time in 3 years it was really dusty I clean it and assume that was the problem so i connected it back it the light was on the fan was spinning but when i unplugged it and put everything back and plugged it back in the same thing started to happen. I took it to get it checked but they couldn't find the issue with it. I just need a 2nd opinion

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Also it wasn't a overheating problem I had applied thermal paste but nothing happened


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If the input voltage for the power supply doesn't match the correct setting for your country, your computer might not stay powered on. Chances are your computer wouldn't power on at all if this switch is wrong, but an incorrect power supply voltage might also cause your computer to turn off by itself.



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