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Repair guides and documentation for the Google Pixel 6a with 5G smartphone. Released in July 2022.

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replacement screen has a green hue

after replacing the screen with the official replacement from ifixit, I get a green hue when brightness is set to >70%.

I'm not sure what's wrong and I don't see any obvious way of re-calibrating this.

is there a tool or anything I need to run after screen replacement to re-calibrate colors? or is it something I might've done wrong during the installation?

any assistance would be appreciated.


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You can’t really do anything wrong, must be one of the easiest replacements ever. Disconnect and reconnect the screen making sure the connector is seated properly. If it’s still the same I’d ask for a replacement.

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ok thanks for the sanity check, i'll try re-seating the screen connector later and ask for a replacement if there's no change.

thanks again!


Was it a connector issue, or did you end up getting a replacement? I glued everything back together before realising the issue (hey, it was bright light where I was working!).

Also: Pixel 6a replacement screen has a green hue


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