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The Bose SoundLink III, released February 2014, is the 3rd generation of Bose's SoundLink Mobile speakers. It is a modern, minimalist Bluetooth-capable portable speaker.

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Can I customize the enclosure on a Bose Soundlink S3?


So I've had my Bose Soundlink 3 since 2014 and it doesn't owe me anything.

It still works well, but there is a rattle or vibration in the enclosure that I can't seem to get rid of.

I don't think the speakers are blown.

I took the enclosure and top/bottom plates off, cleaned it with a vibrating toothbrush with vacuum going to get the dust.

Put it back together with all the sound vibration dampening strips in place, and it's actually a bit worse than it was. Added a couple pieces of soft leather in the back as well to ensure it has distance from internal components and softens vibration further.

So my real question,

Can I take it back apart and cut the middle of the front enclosure out? Specifically all the spotted grill are, and just use the side and pieces for the screws to hold?

Would use a rotary tool or grinder.

Like I'll ensure to keep the parts needed to hold it together, but I don't move it around much and so I'm wondering if cutting the grill out, or removing as much of front and back enclosure as possible, may be a solution to get some sound quality back?

Potentially, could the metal enclosure be left off while the bottom and top plate are fixed in place however I can make it happen?

Would cutting parts of the enclosure off worsen sound quality somehow?

I don't mind if it's ugly.


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@happyram I'd use a Dremel too but I am not sure if this will really work. Sure, you could try and remove as much of front and back enclosure as possible, but I do not think that will improve your sound. The enclosure was designed for the speaker and the sound worked without issues first. Even years of usage would not change that. Take a closer look at the speaker and the speaker membrane. I could imagine that the issue is related to bad speaker(s)

Bose SoundLink III Treble Speakers Replacement

Bose SoundLink III Treble Speakers Replacement

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So I didn't have to cut anything. You can just remove the metal enclosure and leave the top and bottom attached.

Crystal clear now!

I figure the enclosure was vibrating against the top and bottom plates.

I used it at work for nearly a decade and it took some heavy hits lol. The enclosure was vibrating somewhere because of this.


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