It only charges when it's turned off

My mom's iPhone Se 2020 has been wired since the IOS 16 update and now it only charges while it's turned off and plugged in.

Update (10/15/2022)

It was a software bug☺️ my mother's phone is working good now it was a ios bug that Apple fixed and a faulty cable thank you for trying to help me☺️🌹😊

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Sorry, wired?


@strongbow i think most people would know they meant weird, @rosies111 has the battery or any parts on the phone been replaced ?


@rosies111 I'm sorry to hear that. I would like to ask you to test a couple of things:

1) does it charge while on a wireless charging pad (On and off)

2) when you plug it in while it's off does it auto-power on

3) Are you sure it actually doesn't charge while on? Maybe your outlet is faulty (Here in Australia that is always a very real possibility)


@np_f1_2021 i dont mean any offense by this but i see from you bio your an entry level tech learning repairs from ifixit guides. if an issue occurs after an ios update its best to check if any parts have been replaced first. just a bit of info for you for future reference


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