2000 accord v6 power washed engine bay uncovered now car wont start. j

power washed engine bay and now car wont start. was making a whining sound when trying to start so replaced starter same issue. tightened battery connections now car somewhat cranks but still no start not even with a jump. spark plugs and coils tested and are showing good not sure where to go next any advice is greatly appreciated

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If this car has electronic fuel injection, various wiring connections may be wet if power washing forced soap and water into connections, possibly short circuiting electrical/electronic circuits. Check for blown fuses and if possible, use compressed air (does not have to be high pressure) to blow off wet connections. Disconnect battery negative and if necessary, disconnect every plug, one at a time to blow off residual moisture. Reconnect battery negative last and try starting. During this process, try charging the battery.


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