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Uno smartphone di fascia media lanciato da Samsung nel 2019

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Black screen after trying to repair, how to fix?

Hi, I encountered a problem while repairing the display of a samsung a50.

I tried to get this display (with frame):

I mounted it well and everything worked perfectly except for a problem I encountered with the ear speaker, so I reopened everything to try to figure it out. In the meantime, however, when I turned the screen back on, it started giving me problems. First half of the display went white, then all white, and finally now nothing is showing. The touch works, but it does not display anything on the screen, all black.

I am afraid that the frame I purchased is not worth much, despite the fact that the reviews are positive. I can't find any other explanation at the moment, I don't see what accidental damage I could have done by simply reopening it. What advice can you give me to solve it? Thank you.

(The problem he was experiencing before trying to repair it was different, black screen and touch didn't work either)

Here you will find video showing the problem and pictures on how I assembled it:

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@most99 sorry to answer you in English but sadly I do not speak Italian. Anyhow, looks like you did everything right. I would just double check all the connections. Make sure that there are no bend pins or debris inside the connector. If all of that checks out okay, I would contact the seller for a return. It actually happens fairly often that aftermarket displays fail.


@most99 scusa se ti rispondo in inglese ma purtroppo non parlo italiano. Comunque, sembra che tu abbia fatto tutto bene. Vorrei solo ricontrollare tutte le connessioni. Assicurarsi che non ci siano pin piegati o detriti all'interno del connettore. Se tutto va bene, contatterei il venditore per un reso. In realtà accade abbastanza spesso che i display aftermarket non funzionino.

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Thank you very much for your reply! (I didn't hope for it anymore haha).

I don't understand why you read it in Italian, since I then edited and translated everything into English. Anyway, yes, even the seller told me to do as you say. I tried it but it keeps having the same problems, even wiping with a wet wipe with isopropyl alcohol. I have now asked to proceed with the return, I await a response from him. Other experts tell me that with samsung it is better to get original parts, I will get one from a good Italian site that sells them (various experts recommend it to me).


@most99 Let us know how it works out with a new screen.


Of course, thank you very much!!


While I'm at it, I wanted to ask for advice on how to remove the battery and stickers without damaging it too much. Now I put the new battery in this frame, and I would like to be able to reuse it in the new one.


@most99 you can follow the excellent guide on here to remove the battery

I usually use some fishing line or other thin nylon line and guide it under the battery. That way it "cuts" the adhesive and I lessen the chance to puncture the battery.


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