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The Display Frame is Bent!

Hey everyone,

my MacBook dropped on the top left corner and the corner was bent. I turned the area with the Apple logo back. But the Frame around the Display is still bent and without removing it I can´t turn it back. Only the upper part of the frame is bent and doesn´s "fit" to the rest of the display. I have no idea how to fix this problem. I think if I remove it it´ll be even more bent. Is the Frame easy to repair if I remove it or will it brake if I try? Another idea I had is to use a very strong glue to stick it. Any problems with that? If I could I would buy a broken Display Assembly but buying a new one is new solution to me! Is there any shop that sells the frame oder a display assembly(without LCD!) on his own?

Already now,

Thanks for help!

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Every place I have looked shows the MacBook Air with the LCD in its enclosure and not apart. There is a company out in California that shows they will replace it for $525 plus shipping.

However I would look on ebay and try and find a damaged or dead MacBook Air with a dead logic board and follow the guide rab777hp listed in his reply. When you get it you can look it over and see if you can just replace the covers. But with everyone having the unit as one piece do not bet it would be easy.

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Well, as you can see here, the display assembly is all one part, including the LCD, bezel, etc. You can look online and see if you can get a used one cheap, but it's pretty pricy. The installation guide rates this as "very difficult"

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