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Xbox One S, progettata da Microsoft Corporation, è stata rilasciata ad agosto 2016. Xbox One S è una riprogettazione di Xbox One.

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Do I need to format HDD for Xbox one s replacement


I’ve just picked up a 2.5” 500gb SATA hard drive to replacement my faulty one in the Xbox one s. Installation and replacement seems relatively easy; I wanted to query whether before installing the new drive if anything needs done to it? I’ve seen conflicting statements people talking about reformatting etc. One method I seen was someone recommended installing and using the offline update system through safe boot mode to format, Being on Mac this seems the easiest option.

If anyone could advise that’d be great


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From what I know most devices like this will use a EXFAT or a FAT32 format so I would format it to one of them just to get it installed as the xbox may reformat it itself once it has done the whole setup thing when installing a new hdd

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Yeah you need to format it with Xbox specifications. Xbox One is incapable of formatting a blank internal drive on its own.

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Here's a video on how to do it:

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