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Replacement Screen Issues; Worse After iOS 16

(Timeline/context: broke my screen in December last year, then again a few months later and finally got around to replacing it—battery as well just because. The screen obviously got worse the longer I waited but I hope that had no effect internally?)

After replacing my screen, the haptics were never 'correct' and I was thinking I forgot to plug in the Taptic Engine after replacing the battery. Long-presses never worked and required hard-presses to activate, and it would glitch out sometimes and do weird vibrations that were really loud. My screen would have some weird color shifts, almost as if True Tone was still active but not functioning correctly. Also noticed graininess.

Things worth noting:

  • My screen never showed a Part Warning in Settings, but my battery did; True Tone still showed up for some reason
  • I definitely broke a couple spring connectors(?) and lost a couple screws
  • Scratched the wireless charging coil

I just updated to iOS 16 yesterday and it's borderline unusable now. It's almost like it thinks there's constantly a finger on the screen, so scrolling/animations will lock up, and only every other tap registers. So, I opened up my phone last night to double check all the connectors and it seemed fine, but I don't know how to tell if anything is damaged/cracked or needs to be cleaned (any info appreciated!). I even took my screen protector off to see if that could be causing it. This video I found shows off what's going on now.

Basically, I'm wondering if I should cut my losses and not roll the dice trying to repair it. :(

Update: iOS 16.0.2 lists fixes for the X and XR (and 11) but doesn't specifically mention the XS. It would still be worth a try updating but after taking my screen protector off (mentioned above), I broke my screen at work... Waiting on iFixit to get more back in stock so I can see if I have any luck with a new one—just hoping I didn't seriously damage my Face ID sensors or anything. For now, my phone is in Security Lockout because it kept trying to unlock in my pocket and the keypad was rendered unusable. :/

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I would like to go over the haptic issues first. For that you should make sure that the Taptic Engine is plugged in and making a good connection, then make sure the screws holding it into place are tight. These screen can get loose, and cause the engine to make horrible noises when activated because it is loose and shaking more than it should. You mentioned you scratched the wireless charging coil, but that shouldn't be problem. And the grounding clips or "spring connectors" are mostly fro grounding the antennas of the phone, and shouldn't affect functionality.

As the tweet that you linked in your post said , there have been may issues with aftermarket screens when updating to iOS 16. The new operating system introduced a new boot sequence that a lot of aftermarket screens are incompatible with. This primarily caused the iPhone 11 Pro Max Soft OLED aftermarket screens having touch issues and the iPhone 12 Pro Max Hard OLED aftermarket screens having no image after updating. I haven't heard of any iPhone XS being affected until now. This being said, unfortunately, I would say your screen probably is incompatible with iOS 16 and you need a new screen. It seems like the long press issues and grainy-ness you were having was most likely caused but a not-so-good screen to begin with.

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