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Volume knob/dial on Active Edifier R1280 speakers is unresponsive.

Hi everyone,

After looking online for a while and not being able to find any answers, I wanted to turn my attention to Ifixit.

The problem I have is that the volume knob/dial for my Edifier speakers is not responsive anymore. It is especially frustrating when I hook up my record player. Since I can't adjust the volume on the record player. When I connect the speakers to my pc, I can live with it, since I can change the volume on the pc.

The speaker has one of these infinite scrolling/turning volume knobs and it is simply unresponsive. It does not do anything and I am not entirely sure how to fix it.

I would love to hear some suggestions or ideas.

Best wishes,


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Seems as though the volume control is a type of rotary encoder.

To know the exact type you may have to open the speaker and check what is marked on the encoder itself.

If there is a type or value printed on the encoder, search online using that information to find suppliers that suit you best.

Here's a video that may help although unfortunately, it doesn't show the volume control pcb being accessed or removed.

Just what I'd try

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