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Guide di riparazione e informazione sullo smontaggio del MacBook Pro 16" rilasciato nel novembre 2019. Modello A2141, EMC 3347.

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Can't see the Hard drive icon

This customer has installed all kinds of Apps and three anti-virus programs. I need to open the hard drive to be able to clean this mess up but the hard drive icon and external flash drive icons will not appear on the desktop even with a Safe Mode startup. Yes I have gone under the Finder preferences - General and checked the boxes to show them. The machine is running Monterey 12.6. FileVault is enabled. Any suggestions?

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From the Finder are you able to access Go from the menu?

Block Image

Then you can navigate to the computer to access the drives or just go to the explicit folder.

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@danj I really don't like this.


@mayer - Did it work?

Apple has forgotten the symbiosis between the user and the computers interface! I can understand tweaking to make things better, but not make it worse!

I have an Apple Watch which I wanted to see the temps so I asked it to show me Siri what's the temp for 8, it did but then it quickly ended jumping back to the clock screen! I had to ask three times to have enough time to read the graph! I needed to get the directions for an event my iPhone for some reason I couldn't do it any more from within Calendar! Had to copy and paste the address into Maps which was not easy! Big Steve wouldn't let these issue slip!


@danj It took me four hours to clean all the crap off of this APPoholics Mac. I still didn't find what is causing the Desktop Hard Drive or external drives not to be shown. There are no viruses on it but still many APPs in play. I've worked on several Monterey systems but never run across the phenomena before, any idea of what may be causing it?


@mayer - Bug! Happy you where able to clean things up. Maybe it would be wise to make a clean backup the then reformat the drive and a fresh OS install.


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Hello Mayer

With Finder open, go to the top left and click Finder > Preferences.

Here under General, ensure Hard Disks is checked and it should display the attached storage devices on the desktop.

You can also add them to the side bar in the finder in these preferences as well

Edit: Thanks for pointing out you have tried the above.

Ensure icons aren’t display off screen you can try right click the desktop area and “clean up” by kind or any option.

If the setting is not working you may need to reset the preferences plist for Finder by removing it.

Take a backup of this file if you would like.

Go to Finder and open the "Go" menu -> Go to Folder



Locate file

Backup this file, then delete it. Then restart your Mac.

Repeat above to re-enable the Hard Disk display on desktop.

Hope this helps!

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Please read a question completely before answering questions. Advise from a moderator.


Hey Mayer

You’re right! I apologize for not providing a helpful answer - my brain must of played a trick on me.

I updated my answer with additional troubleshooting. Thank you for the friendly response


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