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Battery repair damaged Facetime?

I wanted to replace my battery, so I found the best-reviewed iPhone repair vendor in my area. After the technician completed the repair, I noticed the face ID was no longer working.

I checked the settings and said the battery is an unknown part, "unable to determine if your iPhone battery is a genuine Apple part." I brought it back to the technician, who opened it up and said he must have scratched the connector to the front and to come back on Monday for the owner to repair it.

iPhone repair is out of my forte and makes no sense to me, but I'm reading some articles where Apple will software lock the face ID if it detects a non-genuine part. Could that be the actual culprit instead of a scratch on the connector?

Just really surprised because the vendor had terrific reviews, but you'd think they'd explain that real non-reversible damage could occur or I was guaranteed to lose functionality like battery health prior to accepting the phone.

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The shop has damaged the Face ID sensor. The only place able to repair it is apple themselves. Won’t be cheap unfortunately.

As for the battery, they all say none genuine part unless the board on the battery is swapped over. The battery would not stop face I’d from working.

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