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The 2018 version of the Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone released in October 2018.

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Dropped my phone screen is black but the notification are still coming

Hy. So my phone split of my hand and hit the floor it was about 50 cm after the screen was black i could hear the notification but the screen was black my phone has glass protector the screen is not DAMAGED pls help.

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Just because the screen appears not to be damaged doesn't mean that it didn't suffer any internal damage that is not visible e.g broken connection in the display panel.

As a DIY repair all you can do is to temporarily replace the display assembly and check if it works or not. This is to find out if the problem is in the display or on the systemboard.

Here's the ifixit Sostituzione gruppo display Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) guide that will help.

Search online for Galaxy A7 (2018) display assembly to find suppliers that suit you best.

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You could try to force restart the phone by holding the volume down and power button until it restarts. You should feel a vibration when it is turning back on.

But most likely the screen is damaged. The glass may not be cracked but the OLED underneath the glass probably is. So a screen replacement would most likely be the solution to your problem.

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