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The Playstation is Sony's first mass-market game console.

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Playstation doesn't recognise controllers when plugged in?

Hi. Recently got my Playstation out after it has been sitting in its box untouched for several years (due to PS2 coming along). Everything is working fine except it does not recognise the controllers in either port at all (cursor doesnt even appear on the memory card/music screen). The controllers work fine as I tested them on my PS2. Opened her up and dusted it all off but this has not solved the problem. Could it be a blown fuse or something? I must admit I dont really know what it is i'm looking for. Help would be greatly appreciated!

(yes I have a PS2 and PS3 that work, but thats beside the point! I still play my NES and would love to play my playstation 1 games on my playstation again!)

Regards, Dan.

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Make sure you're using the original PS1 controllers. Later controllers for the PS2 (and obviously, for the PS3) have other features that the PS1 may not recognize. (Been a LONG time since I pulled out my PS1 so I may be wrong about that.) Failing that, I would start by cleaning out the controller connections in the PS1 itself with some q-tips and rubbing alcohol. As a last resort, you can start taking the box apart and inspecting connections for corrosion and loose connections.

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