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Introduced by Columbia Records in 1948, the LP (Long Play), or 33 1/3 rpm microgroove vinyl record or album, is an analog sound storage medium commonly used for the phonograph or turntable.

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Amstrad SM104 turntable not turning

Hello, i am currently battling with my Upright Amstrad SM104 that has been passed to me from further up in the family, it has been sat unused for a long while so i understand it may be unfixable but i thought i might as well try and ask.

I turned it on today and tried to play a vinyl record on it however the turntable would not spin, i had been playing around with the fm radio on it before that so knew that it was not a power problem. the stylus still moved to the correct position on and lowered itself onto the vinyl however the turntable refused to turn.

i have already read other answers for other record players and realised that it could either be the belt or the motor, however it does not make any noise suggesting that it is trying to turn. i am not very techy and so thought i would try and get a solid answer before attempting to open it up and try something.

any suggestions welcome

thank you

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This could be caused by a couple things

What I would check first is what the inside looks like ,if you check that nothing looks odd or if any capacitors aren’t blown or expanded ,nothing has snapped

Also if you could upload some photos of the inside that would be a great help too!

Here’s a great guide on adding photos:-)

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Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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unfortunately on review i dont think there is a way in, there are no screws and so i would have to break it to get in, maybe ill just have to let it go... thank you for trying to help



It’s up to you if you want to continue but there’s always a way in

Did you look for screws under the feet or under any rubbers or fabric?


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The Turntable belt may have perished or come off the motor.

Unplug the unit and take off the record clamp.

Using 2 small screwdrivers, put them in the hole where spindle is and unscrew (it may be an opposite thread so try to tighten first). and then remove the spindle from the turntable.

Remove the circlip and you can remove the platter from the unit.

Check the condition of the belt. The TT was made by BSR, knowing the age of the belt, even if it isn't perished it may be worth getting a replacement.

As you have gone this far, you can put some light grease on the spindle and some light oil into the motor spindle.

In the rear of the platter is a white peg, put the new belt around the outside of the inner raised circle and then onto the peg, it may be worth using tape to mark the location of the peg on the front of the platter and the location of the motor on the unit.

With the belt tightly fitted on the back of the platter, line up your marks and manually rotate the platter. If it bounces back then you have missed the motor, if you have been successful the belt will then come off the peg and onto the motor.

Replace the circlip.

Replace the spindle cap and make it just tighter than finger tight.

Plug in and test your work

It has been over 20 yrs since I last did one so I hope I didnt miss anything

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