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10.1" Android tablet released in June of 2011. Samsung GT-P7510MA

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How to disassembly Repair Digitizer in Galaxy 10.1?

Hello everyone,

i have been looking for video examples of how to disassembly the digitizer in a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Did any one came across with the same issue? Are there any tips of how to do this? Please reply when possible to:

Haapy new year to everyone!!

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It is very easy, just remove the back and then heat the edges of the digitizer to loosen the glue, you will probably have to continuously do this to keep the glue loose. There is an 8 CM edge all the way around the digitizer, do not stick your razor blade our pry tool beyond that. The best way to avoid damaging the LCD is to place a 7 CM mark on your tool. Once you have cut the glue all the way around the frame remove the glass slowly to avoid damaging the LCD. Most replacement digitizers will come with the glue pre installed making the installation as easy as it gets.

I have posted a guide to help you with the replacement of the digitizer.

Best of luck,

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bryan, could you post a link to your guide?


Probably not the best guide ever made but make sure you read the measurements.


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Thanks Oldturkey for the reply. i had seen this one also. It doesn´t quite get to the digitizer and lcd, but all the other steps can be watched. Thank you any way. Happy new year.

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i search how disassembly digitizer from the lcd too.

If you can help me, i didn't find information on this site and on google.

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