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L'iPhone da battaglia per il 2020 di Apple è stato rilasciato il 23 ottobre; ha schermo OLED da 6,1", sistema di fotocamere doppio da 12 MP ed è disponibile in cinque colori. È il successore dell'iPhone 11.

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Microphone issues - no, limited or static input. No Siri, voice notes


I’m fairly new to all this and recently started a spare parts business. I have a iPhone 12 that had suffered some water damage and overuse of isopropyl 99.99 during repair.

I’ve replaced the screen. The rear camera appears to have some moisture “halos” on the lens but other than that the phone is perfect. I had to do a DFU restore to get it back to normal though.

The only issues I haven’t been able to fix are microphone related.

The top microphone (Siri, FaceTime) is screwed. At first it picked up very faint fuzzy audio but now dead completely. The bottom microphone can sometimes pickup audio clearly but this appears to be positional. IE if the phone moves about a lot, it can just turn to quiet static or nothing. It’s very hard to replicate. During a call (ear proximity) it can just cut out. So the phone needs a headset to use for that, really.

I did try a new earpiece flex and the issue remained. This makes me think it lies elsewhere and that perhaps the original earpiece flex is fine… I first suspected the earpiece microphone was fried. But this suggests maybe not.

Apart from that and the new display, camera issue the phone is perfect.

Any suggestions of what to try next? I have a good amount of knowledge but am quite new. I don’t know about circuitry or microsoldering but very happy to pick this up if it’s a cheap repair. I have an abundance of spare parts too. I could even move this iPhones internals into new housing. But it seems wasteful… the cosmetics are fine too.

There are no hardware error messages.

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Overuse of alcohol? I take it you removed the board to clean it and didn’t clean it whilst still in the phone. I’d replace the charge port and the flash ribbon which (if I’m correct) contains the rear microphone.

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You are correct - I’ll try that

It was taken on by me, I’m told it was submerged in iso with sim tray out and power off…


Replacing those components fixed everything. Good idea.


@pjd77 Great to hear. 👍


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You say it will be wasteful to remove the logic board and install it into another housing; however you couldn’t be more wrong. The first thing a reputable repairer would do for this problem would be to install the logic board into a known good housing with battery and screen. This will completely rule out a parts issue. A water damaged iPhone 12 can be difficult to repair as they are double layered boards and over time the solder between the boards and under the IC’s will become oxidised due to the liquid. Once you rule out a parts issue I would separate the board layers and examine under a microscope. As a rule of thumb after cleaning with alcohol wait till you cannot smell it anymore and your good to go.

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Thank you - I see what you mean. The phone interior didn’t have obvious water damage. The indicator hadn’t changed colour either. I’m hopeful the board is fine. I’ll give that a go too.


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