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Both sides are either too cold or too warm

First noticed freezer had defrosted. Food was defrosted and water was everywhere. Then noticed fridge side was also too warm. We cleaned coils. We adjusted dials to coldest on both sides. Both sides became too cold. Food in fridge froze. We did the reset of turning dial to off and back on. Several times over the course of time. Each time we adjusted the controls to a moderate setting, both sides became too warm. Each time we adjusted dial to maximum cold, both sides become too cold. We adjusted in small increments with the same extreme cold or warm result. What can cause this?

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Hi @ticagrumpy,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?


ED5FTGXKT02 is the model number


We removed cover from back of freezer and did not see ice.


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Hi @ticagrumpy

If there was no ice on the evaporator unit then given the symptoms that you describe the problem may be with the thermostat assembly.

The supplier link is an example only to show the part and how to replace it etc. Search online for WP2198202 to find suppliers that may suit you better.

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Thank you! Everything I’ve tried and learned via videos supports your suggestion.

I appreciate your help very much.


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try to find out what is causing it in the first place, then buy a for parts fridge that looks like yours and replace the "heaters" of the side of the fridge it will look like a pipe shaft like the sewers after replacing the pipes" make sure the comecters that heat up the pipes dosent get damaged or you willl have to redo the painfull process

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