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Repair guides and support for weed whackers, also known as string trimmers, weed eaters, edge trimmers or line trimmers.

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Weed whacker wouldn't stop so I hit the kill switch, now it won't star

I used a gasoline powered weed whacker today fir my first time. At one point the engine started revving like crazy by itself and letting go of the throttle didn't slow it down so I flipped the kill switch. Now I can't start the weed whacker anymore. Being new to weed whackers, I dont know what to do.

A mistake I may have made is I didnt switch off the choke switch after the engine had started. I tried switching it off once and the engine stopped, so I just left if on this time.

What might the issue be here and how would I diagnose and fix it?

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Do know the manufacturer or the specific brand of the weed whacker?


I cant figure this out, it has a sticker that says "DIFER DF 52" on the shaft, I cant find any information about the manufacturer "DIFER"


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Hello Dominic,

I would let your engine sit for a few hours, clean off any debris and try to start it again, the choke needs to come off when it is finished starting, or you could cause damage to your engine. It should start after letting it rest. Can I ask would it try to turn over and didn’t start or did it not try to start at all?

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Hi Repair Skeleton. It did not want to start at all.


I will let the engine sit a few hours and try again, thanks!

PS, is this because the engine is probably flooded and needs time for the gas to evaporate, or something else?


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Yes, it likely flooded. After the engine is warm, if the choke is still on it will run fast. But usually, it will choke itself to death. It could also be that, since it sat a while since last used, the throttle linkage is gummed up.

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It turns out that the part with the string for starting the weed whacker was worn out so needed to replace that, now it works fine. My friend who owns the weed whacker was able to tell when he pulled the string that that was the problem.

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