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Lanciato il 3 marzo 2017, Nintendo Switch è un dispositivo palmare che può essere usato con la TV o in movimento.

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Screw next to charge port fell out. need replacement. Switch Lite.

I noticed one day one of the screws at the bottom next to the charge port was very loose. I was going to take care of it later because I was pretty tired when I noticed, but then it fell out completely and went missing. I couldn't find it because it was so tiny. I'm pretty sure it's lost to the void now.

I want to make sure I get the right kind of screw to replace it. it looks like they are super tiny phillips heads, like the size that would be on glasses. I don't know what will happen if I take the 2nd one out. It works just fine now and I don't want to take it apart if I don't have too. I don't even know how it came loose but hopefully just replacing the screw will be enough.

If it matters it's a Switch Lite Pokemon edition. I think they're all the same size and everything just different colors but not 100% sure

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I had a similar problem on my normal switch when I tried to tighten that screw, same thing happened to the screw next to the vent as well. I did find one of the screws but it doesn’t tighten it just falls out, like the rings the screw rides on aren’t there


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if you mean the screw on the housing it won't make a difference. if you want a replacement you could probably get a screw set on ebay or aliexpress. chances are it won't stay in anyway if the screw fell out to begin with

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Question: can you fix the whole falling out problem?


@grumm1290 b7000 glue


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