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The taped or glued zipper seam on my board shorts has separated.

The taped or glued zipper seam on my board shorts has separated. Nothing is torn, no ragged edges just the zipper fabric has unglued itself from the fabric of the shorts. I'd like to glue it back but what kind of glue do I use? They're in the ocean a lot and take a beating. The pocket is totally open without the sealed seam.

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I would give contact cement a whirl it is waterproof and gives a pretty strong yet flexible bond. Allow the surfaces to become tacky before you approximate them for optimal adhesion.

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What I have used on fabric in a pinch is Beacon Fabri-Tac. You need to clamp down the fabric and may need to add something like tissue paper if it's likely to leak inside and ruin the fabric. You can use anything with weight as a clamp. I have used a damaged EliteDesk 800 G4 DM chassis where it is just a damaged chassis and dead motherboard before, and it works.

Once it sits for a few hours and you let it dry for 24 hours before use, it's probably stronger than the original material and can be washed.

You need to be a little careful with how much you use, as it can leak. A few drops will do in many cases, but for a high wear item you may want a line of it.

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