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iPhone XR keeps going back in recovery mode

My iPhone XR won't power on on its own. When I connect to my mac, I get a message saying that the iPhone is in recovery mode - restore? When I restore, it goes through the entire restore process, applies new software and firmware, validates the software and firmware etc. The apple logo and the progress bar on the phone is visible at this time. Then I get a message saying the phone will restart.

At this time, it should restart normally. However, now, the Mac again says it has detected an iphone in recovery mode, and we are back to square one. I have tried this recovery process a dozen times now, So I am in an endless loop of recovering again and again. The apple genius said they can't do anything, but I'm hoping the geniuses here are able to provide more insightful advice! Thanks in advance!

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hello rocinantex,

The phone mode that you notice after connecting to the computer is DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) and is responsible for restoring damaged software on the device. It can have many reasons, most often it is the result of damaged equipment. You don't write anything about the reason for the fault, what the condition of the phone is physically, these are all very important tips. It looks like your phone has a problem generating "APNonce" or processing "APTicket" which could be related to water damage, drop, overheating and tearing out of the heat shields.

Could use a good repair shop if you don't handle micro-electronics yourself. It should not be expensive, but knowledge is required, which has recently been quite a rare phenomenon among mechanics in repair shops.

You can find more interesting repairs at, in case of problems, write there, I will suggest if possible.

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Thanks Tojaert. The phone is in pristine condition, no water exposure and no physical damage. It has been working flawlessly until this issue. It is 3.5 years old so maybe some component exceeded its useful life? Apple Genius Bar said since it won’t restore, they can’t repair it. They also said not restoring is a common problem they see a lot.

Will try a local repair shop tomorrow and see what they have to say. I hope the cost to fix is not more than the value of the phone itself!


If it is in condition as you write, most likely it is just a blown capacitor. In this case, the repair should not take longer than 40-50 minuts. Write here what the price did you get for for the repair,


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