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Lo smartwatch Apple di sesta generazione, con connettività cellulare opzionale, rilasciato il 18 settembre 2020.

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Apple Watch 6 suspected water damaged repairable?

The Apple watch 6 is just 1.5yrs old but after a 20-30 open water swim (which I occasionally do this in a pool or sea) the watch was not turning on after. Tried charging it to revive because I thought it’s just batt empty but nothing happened. It’s been two weeks now I noted a weird ‘bubbles’ inside the screen.

Thanks for the answer!

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I think its safe to say your watch has drowned! Did you get the AppleCare+ service contract? If you did I would visit an Apple Store to see what they say, they will pro-rate the repair (replacement) costs a bit.

Otherwise it's time for a new watch and best not to going swimming with it. What likely happened is the display or sensor plate pulled away a bit from a bang which then let the water get inside.

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Thanks for the reply Dan- I don’t usually add any care+ on my Apple devices 😅 This is the first time it happened to me though.

I did visit an authorized service center but when they heard what happened they said for replacement outright without even looking at my watch :/

What a shame if I can’t swim with it then :/ ..I thought diy repair is possible with the the iFixit tools. I guess upgrade to 7 it is.


@oyo_jr - There is a difference between a dry watch and one that has drowned! Corrosion is the killer here which just can't be over come effectively by any person repairing. Don't forget the cost of the repair needs to be cheaper (time and parts cost) than its replacement.

Sorry for the bad luck, Don't forget to accept the answer.


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