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Il telefono più popolare di Apple del 2021 è stato lanciato sul mercato il 24 settembre e ha uno schermo OLED da 6,1", un sistema di fotocamera doppia da 12 MP ed è disponibile in cinque diversi colori. È il successore dell'iPhone 12.

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Does replacing the Proximity Sensor flex cable disable face id?

As most of us know, any Apple device with Face I.D. functionality has that functionality linked to the front camera assembly and the proximity sensor flex cable. In past generations, damaging the proximity sensor flex was relatively easy to do on accident, and rendered Face I.D. disabled unless you employ micro-soldering to transfer the flood illuminator to a new flex cable.

I have been searching for an answer about this on the iPhone 13 series. When these phones were first released, screen replacement would disable Face I.D. unless an IC chip on the back of the display assembly was transferred. This has since been changed, but I do not know about the proximity sensor flex. No tutorials or guides that I have found have mentioned anything about transferring the proximity sensor flex cable, so that leads me to believe that it's not necessary anymore as long as you have another one.

So my question is this: Does the proximity sensor flex cable need to be transferred to retain Face I.D. functionality as it has in past generations, or is it no longer linked in the same way that it used to be?

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This shouldn´t affect the face id function, after apple made the proximity sensor a totally seperate part so it should work!

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Face ID is a part of the True Depth sensor for which Apple has made separate flex cable for on the iPhone 13 and other models, including some previous generations, meaning the replacement of the proximity sensor does not affect Face ID. Any case of misuse may.

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I work at a repair shop and can confirm that replacing the proximity flex sensor on iPhone 13 series does not disable Face ID functionality. I assume its the same for 14's as well but haven't been able to confirm that yet.

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