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*M220VA* fully disabling the HDMI sleep timer?!

I use my "TV" as a monitor, and there's a sleep feature on the set that causes it to turn off after so long I do not use it as a TV (I did when we had cable, but since then that's been eliminated entirely). I checked under Timer and even selected "Off" on the timer but the TV still shuts down "to save energy". I still see "No signal. The power will be turned off."

This TV is a power sipper, so I don't need (or care!) about the "feature" -- in fact, I hate it because when the computer it's hooked up to sleeps it shuts down and I need to wake up the TV after turning the computer on.

Is there any way to disable this nonsense? Ideally it should behave with a partial "sleep" mode, but I know with a TV it's on or off. Vizio says no (of course, but who knows with them) but there has to be a way...

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Hello this is Maxed Out IT

Fallow this

To setup a sleep timer: Menu > System > Timers > Sleep Timer Use the Left/Right Navigation buttons on the remote to highlight the period of time after which you want the TV to go to sleep: 30, 60, 90, 120, or 180 minutes. If you don’t want the sleep timer to activate, change the setting to Off.

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Tried that. It didn't help.


ok now the next sleep timer


To help save energy, your TV is set by default to turn off after 10 minutes without a

video or audio signal. This feature can be deactivated.

To set the Auto Power Off feature:

Menu > System > Timers > Auto Power Off > Of


Did it work?


@maxedoutit The M220VA is too old for that.


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