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Guide di riparazione e informazione sullo smontaggio del MacBook Pro 16" rilasciato nel novembre 2019. Modello A2141, EMC 3347.

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The MBP is dead after battery drain


Was an extremely happy owner of MBP 16" A2141.
2 Months ago became an owner of A2485.
I do have the bad habit of not Shutting down the computers I just closed the old one and put it under my bed.
As it's a great dust collector I decided to give it to my parents however for my big surprise it's not turning on.
Initially I thought that the battery is drained so I left it connected to the genuine 96W charger overnight.
On the morning I didn't have much luck as the A2141 still doesn't have any signs of life.
I tried different cables and made sure that the charger is working (by connecting the new MBP) and different USB ports.

So I started my investigation:

  1. Reset the SMC
  2. Reset the NVRAM
  3. Open the bottom of the MBP
    - clean the dust
    - check the batteries (look fine)
    - disconnect the battery
    - press and hold the power button for 10sec
    - connect the charger and press the power button

Unfortunately no luck. There wasn't a single movement of the fans, noice from the speakers or light from screen :-(

From what I understand there should be a faulty Logic Board.
The machine is out of warranty (that's why I did step #3 of the investigation).

1.5years ago I spilled a bit of water on the MBP. Turned it off immediately and wasn't using it for 3 days. On day 4 it was working except the screen, however it wasn't an issue for me as I'm using external screen. For my biggest surprise the screen turned on 2 days later.
Since then I never had any issues with the machine.

After opening it I noticed a tiny erosion (marked on the image) which I cleaned with alcohol

Block Image

Ordered an USB C Power Meter Tester to check the power.

Wanted to ask for some advice what I should look for as a possible reason for this faulty machine?

I'm pretty handy guy and finished an electronics schools (15 years ago and haven't practices much since then as I focused on Software) so more than happy to dig and try to fix it myself (happy owner of the ifixit pro tech toolkit).

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Hey Handy Pol!

I'm having the SAME issue as you now! I have the A2141 and I put that in sleep mode and went on vacation for a month... Came back and I pressed the power button and I was in MacOS... But then I noticed I had 2% battery life so I quickly grabbed the USB-C cable and charged it... The battery icon didn't have a charger so it wasn't charging at all.. I figured, maybe a reboot might help.. So I rebooted.. At this time, the battery had depleted and it showed the 'low battery' icon with the lightning bolt... After that, I was never able to turn it on again...

I brought it out to the Apple store and they plugged it into configurator... It detected the computer but eventually timed out... The reason I got from them is a 'faulty' logic board... Somehow I'm not convinced...

I have tried all your troubleshoot steps except for number 3... I've changed new charger and USB-C cables... Tried another wall outlet... No luck...

Have you discovered or fixed the issue yet? I just ordered a new battery replacement but I haven't opened up the computer yet...


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At this point I'm suspecting you have a dead battery either because of the corrosion damage and/or being left for so long in sleep mode.

While the USB-C power checker will help in seeing if the charging logic is even working it won't fix the dead battery. I would just bit the bullet here getting a replacement battery MacBook Pro 16" (2019) Battery, then carefully plug it in (leaving the original one in place) so you can check the charging logic using this gem of an app! CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the apps main window and post it here for us to see Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda it will show you what your USB-C power adapter is doing. As the shipped battery will only be partially charged your system should be charging it. If not you've proved you have a logic board issue besides the battery.

Immagine MacBook Pro 16" (2019) Battery


MacBook Pro 16" (2019) Battery


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Hey Dan! Thank you very much for you answer. As I disconnected the battery followed by connecting the charger and trying to run the MBP isn't eliminating a possible battery issue?


@kosmonaft - Sadly no, The newer USB-C (TB3) systems won't work without a battery, just using the charger.


%#*@ it :-( Is there any other way to check if the battery is faulty? Don't want to buy a new one and find out that this isn't the issue. Before the dead I never had issue with it and was easily working 3-4hours on battery.


@kosmonaft - Depending on where you buy it they may offer a return policy (restocking fee).

You still need to clean the logic board of the corrosion and it will likely need deeper repairs. So maybe it would be best to just find someone with the deeper skills to fix your system locally. There are quite a few independent Mac repair shops.


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You have to use Apple Configurator from another mac computer while connected to the forward usb-c port on the left side of the offending macbook. Put it in DFU mode and "revive" from Configurator on the working macbook.

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Sadly this won't here in this case.


This solution only works if the computer is stuck at the low battery icon and won't boot even with the charger plugged in.


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