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La decima generazione del "phablet" Samsung, con stilo S Pen. Rilasciato nell'agosto 2019.

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low temperature warning prevents charging

I'm unable to charge the phone due to a low temp warning. I read up on what might be the issue, and initially it seemed a loose connection to the NFC port might have been the problem , so it started working if I just applied a little pressure under the camera area whilst waiting for tools to open it.

However, after opening it up and checking the connection, everything was still the same except it has now gotten quite a bit worse as it wort charge at all. I replaced the NFC charging coil antenna, as most videos/articles seemed to suggest this is usually the problem, but it did not fix the issue. The connector on the motherboard does not appear bent like I've seen videos suggesting it can be, but I do not own a microscope, I just checked using a magnifying glass and it seems fine.

I'm honestly at loss on what could be the issue. I've heard the board housing the USB port can become bad from this issue, but even then shouldn't wireless charging still work?

Any help appreciated. =(

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Hi Marty. Changing the NFC charging coil is sometimes the answer to that issue, but I've noted that just making sure the screws that hold the coil in place are tight helps. I'm not 100% sure about the Note 10+, but for most of the Galaxy models I've worked on, the temperature sensor is affected by contact points on the motherboard making connection with points on the back of the coil component. Being that on this model the NFC coil actually snaps into the motherboard, could make for a big difference in how this one operates. If that's the case, you most likely have a defect in the motherboard. Sorry I'm not much help, but try checking with some of the phone repair locations in your area. If any of them specialize in motherboard or logic board repair, they might be able to give you an idea if there is board damage. Hope you get it figured out.

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