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Informazioni sulla riparazione e sullo smontaggio dell'Apple Watch SE di prima generazione, annunciato il 18 settembre 2020.

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2 paperlike connections next to display ribbon cable


What are the paperlike connectors that seem to be a part of the display connector but are next to the 3 ribbon cable connections? Can these be purchased? When I look online for the display cable, it simply only comes with th 3 main connectors and not the 2 outside paperlike connections.

Thanks for your help!


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The two outer connections are EMI shield connections for the cover piece. Here's a better picture

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Thank you for the picture! If these are torn, is there a way to fix them or order them?


@Michelle Londeree - It's a big job to replace, they can be gotten. I don't fix the watches anymore so I can't aim you to where to get them.

Patching the connection is difficult as the electrical pathway between the two cut segments needs to be made to be effective for EMI.

Many people just don't reconnect them if they damaged them in the repair process. The trick is not to damage them in the first place.


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