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Informazioni sulla riparazione e lo smontaggio per lo smartphone Pixel 6 Pro di Google, lanciato sul mercato a ottobre 2021. Identificato dai numeri di modello GLUOG e G8VOU.

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I put the Sim card ejector tool through the top microphone port

In error i put the sim card eject tool into the top microphone whole on the Pixel 6 pro. Does this damage the microphone?

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you know to me this is a design oversight. not only are most of the holes are the same size as the sim tray ejector hole, but on dark plastic the outline of the tray is hard to see you practically have to shine a spotlight on it. i say make trays have some differentiating feature like a different color or texture or something to help find the right hole. some do that with the buttons. end of rant.


@devingubler1 from what I have heard most people seek the opposite. They want the sim tray to be invisible to have fluid frame design.


thats because they are ok with gambling spending on insurance rather than peace of mind that a good case offers like mine is happy in its spigen and 9H glass cover safety environment.


I think I ruined the top microphone. I feel that I tried to force the sim ejector and now my voice can no longer be heard during loud speaker mode. What part should I buy and replace?


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Hello Weirdlooking,

sorry for the late response, I didn't see your question earlier. Usually because of the design of smartphones these days, this is nothing to worry about.
If I'm correct you mean the microphone opening on the top edge of the phone. Behind this opening sits the earpiece speaker assembly which you can see on the first photo. You insert your SIM opening tool into the round opening with the red rubber gasket around it. However this opening is nothing more than an L-shaped "tunnel" with a second opening at the bottom of the assembly. This is where you can see the white fabric-like material.

Block Image

The earpiece speaker assembly sits on top of a small part of the motherboard (second photo) with an other opening in it. Underneath this opening sits the actual microphone. I tried to point at it with the bottom arm of my tweezers.

Block Image

This build protects the microphone with the motherboard, the protective cloth within the earpiece speaker assembly and with that L-shape tunnel. Most likely your SIM tool was blocked by that L-shape and didn't even touch the protective cloth and you should have nothing to worry about. More or less the same goes for all the other microphones.

I hope your phone works fine!

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Thank you for replying! This is exactly the information I was looking for. I appreciate the detail you went into and the photos you provided. This really helped get rid of my concerns.


Thank you and I wonder what's the situation on Pixel 5?


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Try using the phone in loudspeaker mode when on a call and check if you can be heard OK or not or if your voice sounds distorted etc to the other person.

Not sure if it is applicable to your phone but with some phones the 2nd mic is also used as a noise cancelling mic in "normal" call mode to minimize any noise picked up by the lower mic. Fancy software algorhythms are used to achieve this

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