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Can I change the failing temperature sensor on the logic board?

I seem to have a failed temperature sensor on the logic board according to the tech shop I sent it to. They had a fail message on a logic board temp. sensor.

1.The computer works when the battery is out and I don't push too many applications.

2.If I put the battery in it gets hot and shuts down. (I have tried a few new batteries.)

Can I change out he sensor myself? How can I find out exactly which one is failed?

Thanks in advance,


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OK, finally found the install disks and ran the AHT. no faults or error codes found. The computer runs without incident on the power cord and the battery removed.


OK, thanks for the advice. I'll track down the items you mentioned and inspect.

I'll update when that's done.


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There are a number of temperature sensors. Run the Apple Hardware Tests and get the error codes. Then please let us know what they are. Also, please give us the last 3 characters of your serial number so we can determine your exact machine and be better able to answer your question(s).

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last 3 of serial no. X91. I am having trouble doing the apple hardware test. I tried holding the D button down during start up and tried using my disk but it's not working. I even tried holding the option key down while inserting the disk and it's not working.


If Apple Hardware Tests (AHT) are coming up with no trouble codes then the problem is not temperature sensor related and I would avoid the people where you took this to in the future. The ONLY way they have to report a temp sensor problem is by running the EXACT same test you did and I requested you run to be able to define what sensor is the problem. I suggest your use a jewelers loupe and inspect the power connections for the battery and left I/O board also between the I/O board and the logic board. The pins and sockets should be somewhat shiny. Anything black or grey needs cleaned. From your last comment I would say the problem is your battery connector or it's connections.


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I have the same macbook pro(A1286)

I got the code below

4SNS/1/40000000: TB0T-129.000

I think:

T means temperatur

B means battery

And then come 0T. i have no idea about them.

There is a problem with temperatur sensor for battery. But i dont know where stays this sensor. Which part should i replace.

Has someone an idea?

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