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My new Lenovo Yoga 920 battery won't charge to 100%

I recently purchased a new replacement battery for my Yoga 920 (from ifixit) and installed it.

I’ve left it charging for over 12 hours at it reaches at most 74% and never higher. When I discharge it, it shuts down in a bit less than 3 hours. I’ve done so far 3 full charge / discharge cycles but it still never gets up to 100%. The previous battery would only last about 1.5hrs, but it at least reported charging up to 100%.

BatteryInfoView and BatteryMon both report the new battery is not reaching its design capacity (in fact only about 50% of it). Is this a faulty battery? or is there an extra step necessary to get it to fully charge.

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Just to clarify as well, the "Conservation mode" is off, so this isn't the issue.


Was the computer shut off while you were charging it?


No, it was switched on. I could see it slowly creeping up from 0% to 74%. After the 3rd try, it went to 100% but in BatteryInfoView I see that it's just based on what it considers now to be the "max charge capacity", which is around 42000mA instead of over 70000mA.


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Hi @ptursan

Contact ifixit about the problem as you may have got a faulty battery

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