Laptop won’t run on replacement battery.


I just replaced the battery on my 2017 Razer Blade Stealth. After installing, I was letting it charge all the way before draining to calibrate the battery, but it got stuck at 97%. I figured it was charged all the way and just displaying the amount improperly due to being a new battery, so I decided to unplug my device to begin draining the charge. However, my laptop won’t turn on when not plugged in. I have tried disconnecting the battery and running just on the power cable, and that works. I searched for a driver update and disabled and enabled the battery in device manager. I have also ran the power troubleshooter, which says there are no problems. What can I do to fix this, or did I receive a defective unit? Maybe something else is wrong?

Thank you.

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Did you follow the procedure correctly, as shown:

Battery Calibration


I was in the process of following that procedure and then when I unplugged it it just turned off, so I wasn’t able to proceed with step 2. The laptop charged from 11% to 97% and then stopped charging. @aactech



Have you still got the old battery and does it still work enough for you to be able to reinsert it to see if the laptop works on the battery only?

If so it points to a defective battery


@jayeff Unfortunately I disposed of it when I got the replacement.


Have you tried Razer's battery guide?


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