How can I boot up New 500GB Hard Drive in MacBook Pro?

I have just fitted a new 500GB Seagate HD in my MacBook Pro A1211, late 2006 model. I followed the iFixit Guide, but the drive does not appear when I insert my Leopard OS disk. From reading other similar questions, it seems that I need to partition and format my HD.

Could someone please tell me what format to use and what the exact procedure is after formatting and partitioning the HD.

Do I return to the Leopard install disk?

Or is there a way of restoring my old HD contents directly from my Time Machine without first installing Leopard?

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Some of these drives are to fast for the Macs. I would try using the jumpers on the drive and move it down to 1.5 GHz then see if your system disk sees it. Go to the Manufacturers web site and look the drive up and the jumper settings. Here's the one for Seagate:

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+ Early Intel Mac is throttled down to 1.5GBs. It was driver/firmware related. To the best of my knowledge it has never been resolved through firmware or OS X updates. That leads me to believe it was an actual limitation of the Southbridge - the data I/O controller chip. There are numerous references to this limitation here on iFixit and elsewhere on the WEB.


Thank you very much, both of you. I will look at this and report back.


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Here are our hard drive setup instructions. These instructions should walk you through the process of setting up a new hard drive.

Also, you can use a free downloadable program called SuperDuper to clone your existing hard drive to your new hard drive.

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Thank you very much. This looks very useful. I will follow this as far as I can, but I will be transferring my old HD contents from Time Machine once the new HD is up and running so presumably won't need SuperDuper or external Firewire enclosure. I'll let you know how it goes.


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