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Model number: 20R1000RUS, Released in June 2019

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Ethernet adapter does not work.

My gen 9 x1 Carbon does not have an Ethernet Port, so I bought an USB Type-C to Ethernet adapter. I have used this adapter on 2 different laptops with no problems (Thinkbook gen2) but it does not work on my X1 Carbon. When I go into network settings I can only see WiFi and Bluetooth but no Ethernet. In device manager network tab there is nothing disabled.

I feel like I don’t need a driver for the adapter given the fact that it worked with no driver needed on other laptops. Do I need an Ethernet driver or some sort of other thing to enable Ethernet on my laptop or is my laptop not supporting Ethernet at all?

Update (01/23/2022)

Brand: Omars


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Can you let us know the model number of the adapter you purchased, please?


Does it work if you try plugging in a known working ethernet cable into the adapter with the adapter plugged in? (make sure the other end of the ethernet cable is plugged in to the router/modem/network switch/etc.)


I tested the ethernet cable on another laptop. I also tested the adapter on the other laptop. Both work fine. Only on the ThinkBook it does not work.


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A lot of 3rd party USB-C adapters are kind of spotty —some work better than others. Cheap hubs are especially prone to being inconsistent.

What I usually recommend is if you have a Lenovo, buy a 1st party one from Lenovo especially owning a X1 Carbon — yours uses a standard adapter, but these were always known to have a dedicated port for it for so many years. It’s not as cheap as a generic one straight from China, but they usually work better since it’s from the computer vendor itself. This is the one sold by Lenovo ($18). The X1 Carbon used to have a dedicated port, but they got rid of it. I’m surprised they did because the logic was in the computer and the adapter handled the rest. Yes it was still an adapter but it worked so well by design. Some accessories are best purchased from the manufacturer of the computer. Ethernet adapters are one of them, especially if you care about PXE boot. None of these cheap adapters on Amazon are PXE capable.

If that doesn’t fix it, check the cable and make sure that’s not the issue. In some cases, with legacy cables like Cat5 and 5e the cable is several years old (and the spec is based on 10/100 being common, so the base spec is obsolete as it stands). In some cases, you may be able to resolve it with modern cable, like Cat6/6a.

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