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Quinta generazione dell'iPhone. La riparazione di questo dispositivo è semplice e richiede cacciaviti, strumenti di apertura e pazienza. Nero o bianco, GSM/CDMA / 16, 32, o 64 GB.

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"iPhone 4S" Tiny dust under the screen


When I look my iphone 4s screen carefuly , I see one piece tiny dust under the corner of the screen ! Are there any easy solution remove this ?

Is it normal ?

How is the dust in there ?

p.s : It's look dead or stuck pixel but when I looked phone is off with power led light and this is absolutely tiny dust under the screen )


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Dust happens. The LCD is not pressed up against the glass in these phones (or any that I can think of?). There's always some gap, there's always a path INTO the phone, and so there will always be a chance of dust entering the phone. I have a fair amount of dust in my 1yr old 3GS. The dust doesn't hurt anything, just might attract your eyes if you're really worried about it :).

If it REALLY bugs you, you can remove the display assembly and try blasting the edges with compressed air to try to push the dust out. I would not recommend trying to separate the glass and LCD. It's going to cause more headaches then solutions by a ration of approx. 1:125498423456123 with an uncertainty of .01%. Point being, if the Apple store won't replace it (I cant imagine why they would, it's not broken), I wouldnt bother with it.

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thanks for your answer, I don't want to open my new phone so

can I try compress air to sim tray hole ?

Is it works ?


I have personally never tried blowing the dust out with compressed air because it's never really bothered me. So long as you aren't blasting at some ridiculous pressure that's able to dislodge cables, I can't see the harm in trying!


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I noticed the same problem with my new 1 week iPhone 4S at two different points. I went to the place i bought the phone and explain to them what happened.

They said that they will find out and if all good they will replace the iPhone.

i live in Cyprus and there is no apple store in my country,

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This is tiny dust ... Is it a big problem ?

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