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Repair and disassembly guides for food cooling appliances including refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezers.

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LG LFC20770ST Freezer Ices Over with Loud Noise in Fridge

We returned from a trip a few months ago to hear this horrible loud noise coming from the fridge. If you open the fridge door the noise stops. The freezer was coated in a thick layer of ice. We spent that evening pulling out every thing out of the freezer and chipping off the ice. We opened the freezer door for several hours and the noise stopped. We lowered the temp settings to the freezer to -6 (lowest setting). A week later the freezer starting icing over again. This pattern has been repeating itself. I called several repair people who either do not service french door LGs, do not call back, or are too busy for several months so we’ve been dealing with this by not using the freezer (we have one in our garage) however the noise in the fridge starts up once the ice cakes up in the freezer. We do not have an ice maker unit. We are willing to buy whatever part we need and install ourselves because the cost of repair may not be worthwhile.

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Your defrost isn't working. The question is.. why? Is it defrost timer? Or the defrost heater? I'm not having luck finding how to put it in diagnostic mode (if it even has it) or a schematic for it. But you can check if the heater itself is bad. You want to do a resistance check across it. From what I have found, under 100ohms is what you're after, with 31 being a typical reading for this kind of heater (though not necessarily this brand). If you're getting very high readings, or OL (open line) then it is bad. That sound you heard was the evap fan blades hitting ice. When this happens unplug the unit, take everything out of the freezer, remove the cover over the evaporator, and use a hair dryer to defrost. Do not use any kind of flame or intense heat. A hair dryer will do the trick just fine. Put it back together, put the food back in, wait 10 minutes (lets the coil finish cooling) and plug the unit back in. You can do this to keep using it while the problem gets figured out.

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