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New Dryer not Starting. Electrical issue?

My parents just got a brand new dryer, not having ever used one before (they come from a country where everyone air dries thier clothes). Before we get started, lets rule out the obvious issues. The cord is installed properly, the door switch is fine, and the thermal fuse has been checked. The outlet has also been changed.

I tested the voltage, going into the dryer, and it looks like hot - neutral gets 250v, hot - hot gets 250v, and hot - neutral gets 0v on a multimeter. When testing the outlet itself, it looks like the hot - hot gets 250v. While both hot -neutral gets around 75v… i was wondering if there's anything obvious a DIYer can do, or if I need to call an electrician.

Its ironic because I work in power distribution, but cant figure any of this stuff out with the wiring. Any help is much appreciated!

Update (12/07/2021)

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David Lou first off welcome to your parents and their first experience with this appliance :-)

Okay so this "neutral gets 250v, hot - hot gets 250v, and hot - neutral gets 0v on a multimeter. When testing the outlet itself, it looks like the hot - hot gets 250v. While both hot -neutral gets around 75v…" does not look right. The 75v is way off somewhere. Can you post some good pictures of the outlet and possibly take the outer cover off it so we can see more of the wiring? Careful so that you do not have a shocking experience. What country are you currently in? We are assuming that this is not a dryer issue but an outlet issue


Ok, photos have been updated. We are in the US. To my knowledge, everything looks wired correctly to the outlet, so my next assumption is the breaker. It didnt trip of course, but im thinking somethings going on with the connection between the breaker and the outlet?


@David Lou ok. Let me make sure this is correct. L1+L2=250VAC, L1+N=250, and L2+N=0VAC? L1 is one hot, L2 is the other, and N is neutral. What is each reading to ground? L1? L2? N? Read each one to ground please and let me know what you get.


David Lou hoping to just make it a bit easier to determine the voltages. L1=Red wire L2=Black wire N=White wire and ground is bare copper. @brandon_k hope I got that right ;-)


So those readings are the tests for the dryer.

For the outlet, we get L1 + N = 90V (was 75 the other day). L2 + N 75V. L1 + G = 60V. L2 + G = 115V.

On the Dryer itself.

L1 + G = 180v

L2 + G = 65v


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@David Lou you should be getting the following: L1+G=120, L2+G=120, L1+L2=240, L1+N=120, L2+N=120.

You might be having an issue with the neutral, qndnyoure definitely getting weird voltages. Your L2+G read 115 which is an acceptable variation in the voltage. But less than 110v is cause for concern. Except for special circumstances you should never read below that. In a residential setting you should be getting ~120VAC per leg. Because your breaker box has a bar which supplies power from L1 to breakers, and to L2. This enables you to split the load between the two, so that one isn't loaded heavily with the other having no loads. To get 240VAC it is a double breaker, where one pulls from L1 and the other from L2. This situation sounds like you might want to call a licensed electrician in because it very possible it is beyond the scope of the DIYer, as you may be working in the breaker box and this can be very dangerous. If you can do it safely, get a reading at the breaker for L1+G, and L2+G. Do the same but for N at the breaker panel. There should be a ground bar, and a neutral bar. You can tell which is which based off the wires running to it. White or grey is N, green or bare copper is G.

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