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Released on July 28th, 2017, the New Nintendo 2DS XL is a handheld gaming console succeeding the Nintendo 2DS.

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Two Broken Connectors On 2DS XL

Unfortunately, the 2DS XL was made to be cheap. As such, it seems that it is incredibly easy to break, both playing with it and during repair. Unfortunately, the latter situation has happened to me.

I disconnected these two cables that go to the bottom screen in order to clean the bottom while replacing a top screen, however I managed to break them during the process due to them being incredibly flimsy. Now, the two cables which they connect can no longer be connected to the board. That being said, I am unaware of any workarounds or any replacement parts for these connectors in particular. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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Feel you. At least you needed the repair. Mine was a… cosmetic decision. Wanted to replace the c stick “the proper way”


But I’m my bad experience, although I broke the actual cable beneath the motherboard, as my little research suggests, you could technically tape it. The actual connector is just there. You can’t simply plug it back like several others. You just put it back in place and press it with the thing that holds it in place. Forgive my lack of proper terminology. But mine was tough to get back when I realized it wouldn’t reattach as in first place. But then I broke the cable, so….


I should have mentioned, that taping did not help. Besides, see how mangled the flaps are? I doubt they will make a good connection ever again. I appreciate your advice, but I think I might need new parts instead. The problem, however, is that I am unsure of what kind of connector to get.


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@theflamethrower looks like you tore off some solder pads as well. You can always get a used broken board and harvest the connectors from there. Just remember that you will have to either rebuild the traces/solder pads or place jumpers. Taping/gluing etc will not work and the connectors require to be soldered properly to the board

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@oldturkey03 Hey, I appreciate your input. I think that buying a separate motherboard is a bit expensive for me, so I therefore think getting a spare part, if possible, would be a better option. As for where I should find one, I am unsure. I have heard of P6 connectors on eBay, although those sound like they are exclusively for DS lites. Also, I have heard from another forum apart from this one that I could buy a cable and get a connector along with it. Ultimately, I need a cheaper option. Thanks again.


@theflamethrower Yes you could get individual connectors. they maybe harder to source but the one you pointed out would work and definitely easier than harvesting one from an old board


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