I broke a zif connector/cable. Can I replace it?

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help! I was trying to replace some buttons on my 2DS XL and I broke this zif cable. It wasn’t fully detached when I lift the motherboard. I can’t tell what was it attached to but I need to know if it can be replace only the cable or the whole part connected to it.

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Here to see if there is an answer as well.


@theflamethrower Did you break yours too? I’m regretting trying to do this mod by myself now


@seth125 Unfortunately, I think we both broke the same cable. It's funny, too, that we both did so at a similar time lol.

Here is my post, asking a similar/equivalent question:

Two Broken Connectors On 2DS XL


Sadly the cable end is press fitted together from what I remember. You should be able to buy the cable and it should come with the end. You'll need a hot air heat gun/pen for soldering & some flux and solder infused paste. Also solder removal braiding and a soldering rod preferably a variable temperature one if you have to buy one. Cheap ones are $20usd but variable ones are like $30usd and come with more tips normally.

Put flux on were it ripped off board.

Place braid on top of this and heated soldering rod on top this. Rub around just that area. The braud will absorb the old solder.

Put solder infused paste on that spot and heat with heat pen on lowest useable setting to melt it. It should make little beads on the newly exposed pads. Place ribbon end on this trying to make sure balls line up to pads end of ribbon.

Heat with the hot air until you see it settle and hold gently in place removing heat and allow it to go solid. Check it didn't cross solder pads if it did reheat and try again.


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