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How Can I restore LG TV's firmware to default?

I have an LG 47LV5400, one of the LG 2011 models with Medialink and "Plex Client integration. This worked quite fine until I installed an update. Now my TV is unable to find the Plex server.

After an additional update, the NTFS USB hard drive won't work anymore. I formatted it to FAT32 and that won't work either ( the TV wants to format it to be used as a DVR).

I would like to know if there is a code or something that will set the TV's firmware back to default.

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Hello i have problem with my tv,after two years stopet and i try to turn on just logo lg working no picture logo of lg working every 10second light of logo it's on and off,on and off


Hello I have a problem with my smart lg TV led , I have a ps4 and it worked very well before but when I tuned it on it gives me a black screen I tried to connect it to another TV which is not lg and it worked can you please solve my problem ??


My lg tv freezes after its been on 20 mins and u cant turn tv over or nothing u have to turn off and back on and it does it again


Besart , did you fix you're tv ?


hi guy gt a problem with my lg 42lm620s when i try to turn on the tv the only thing is the light flashing on the tv on the corner and it only turns on sometimes does any1 kno y this is?


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Hello all,

I believe these steps will fix your issue:

1. Download the following files:

2. Extract the first one and copy it to the c drive (C: \ LgDTVUpDater)

3. Extract the second one and copy the contents to the first one and say yes to copy and replace for all of them.

4. Change the ip address in the AcrylicHosts.txt file from to your PC's current ip

*C: \ LgDTVUpDater \ dns \ AcrylicHosts.txt

5. Copy the file "HE_DTV_NC4H_AFAAABAA" from "C: \ LgDTVUpDater \ blank\ online\your tv model folder/" to the new path "C: \ LgDTVUpDater \ htdocs \" and say yes to copy and replace.

*Run the file "startDNS.bat"

  • Run the file "startHTTP.bat"

Do not close them

The last step will be done on your TV with the help of part two from the following link:

*Do not forget to change the tv dns back after restarting your tv.


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i turned my smart tv into a dumbtv , using a roku3 / raspberry pi devices now .. however this seems to answer the question, ty.


hi this even works for LA6600?


No sure if this helps


Press Menu

Press Settings

Scroll > Option > Factory reset (Yes)

reset to out of the box (yes)

This will reset the TV's settings, please do not play with the TV in the future.


Don't believe this will roll back the firmware. I believe the one I want to treat has some custom ROM flashed since it will not see the updates. Using the settings is important for any TV since the default picture has way too high a contrast but none of these settings will break the firmware!


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You can try this, but be carefull.

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+ Great find ;-)


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Yes, I managed. Look at LG downgrade 2012-2013

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now all models (LG LCD and Plasma) 11-13 years are supported!!! due to frequent brick downgrade FW on '14 models temporary is not recommended.


I just upgraded the firmware for the 2014 smart TV to get the free view option, now the volume on the magic remote does not adjust the sonos sound bar when the TV is on (does control the sound bur when music is playing). I think they have disabled the optical volume control on that output, unless you use an LG compatible sound system. Any idea if it's safe to downgrade the software on a 2014 model yet? Not something I've ever attempted.


all of the TVs ranging from 2011 to present time perfectly rolled back.


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I have an LG 42LW5700 TV. After updating the software, the boot does not boot. The red light under it lights up and flashes, but it does not respond to the command to turn on. It was on during the update and worked. I got it

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