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iPhone XS Max screen randomly shuts off

Hello, I have an iPhone XS Max which has an image issue, the screen randomly shuts off when in use, the whole phone doesn’t shut off, just the screen. It randomly comes back on a few seconds later, do you know what this issue may be? Thank you!

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Sounds like the display is not properly connected to the battery. Has your display ever been removed from the device? could have been reinstalled incorrectly.

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Yes, the display has been removed from the device. I am certain it has been installed correctly, because I tried an iPhone X screen with it and image worked almost flawlessly. However, I did notice with the X screen that it was very sensitive to touch, meaning if I slightly moved the screen it started glitching out and stopped working.


I've never heard of that happening! Sounds like the display had gone bad.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


That is ok, thank you for your help though


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